4 Reasons CCTV Systems Are Necessary Even If You Have Other Security Arrangements


Did you know that CCTV systems can be used for multiple reasons? Here are some of the examples why you CCTV systems are a critical addition to your present security systems. Monitoring The advantage of surveillance cameras is that they allow you or your security team to monitor everything that is going on in the areas where security cameras are installed. Whether you want to keep a tab on the activities that go on in your home or you want to monitor the performance of your staff at work, CCTV systems allow you to do just that.

6 July 2018

The simplest way to connect your lift to the phone network

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Are you thinking about installing a lift in your home or non-commercial building? In many cases a lift is a sound investment but what happens when something goes wrong with it? In a non-commercial situation it is unlikely that anyone on the premises is monitoring the lift so what do you do? If you are stuck in the lift you must call for assistance. How can you call for help?

20 February 2018

5 Reasons You Should Have a Professional Help With Your Building Permit

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If you are embarking on a building project, you may want to have your building designer, architect or a similar professional lodge your building permit application for you. Wondering what the benefits are to having a professional do this for you? Here's a look: 1. Help Deciding If You Need a Permit In most areas of Australia, you need a building permit for most projects, but there are exceptions. For instance, many places offer exceptions for projects that just involve minor alterations.

20 September 2017

Fibre Optic Data Cabling for Business: Advantages and Disadvantages


Fibre optic internet connections, once the preserve of tech firms and academia, are increasingly common among ordinary business and home users. If you're wondering whether this type of connection is right for you or your business, this quick list of advantages and disadvantages can help you make up your mind:  Bandwidth The chief advantage of fibre optic data cabling is its high bandwidth -- that is, how quickly the connection transmits data.

15 June 2017

4 Reasons to Add Social Sharing Buttons to Your Current Website Design

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As the name implies, social sharing buttons allow visitors to quickly and easily share your content on social media without leaving your website. That can mean sharing anything from sales page to a blog post to the company website in general, and social sharing buttons can be of the most worthwhile additions to website design. Social sharing buttons don't take very long to add to your site, and they don't cost anything or require any kind of fancy design; however, they can prove hugely beneficial.

18 May 2017

Commercial Colour Photocopiers: How to Choose the Crucial Features and Functionalities

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If you are planning on purchasing a new photocopier for your business, you should consider choosing colour equipment. This type of copier is more versatile because it allows production of documents such as poster and catalogs which cannot be produced using a black and white machine. Consequently, you will reduce the long-term costs attached to outsourcing critical printing and copying work. There are numerous colour photocopiers in the market, so choosing the right match for your business can be challenging.

21 April 2017

Got a Dog? Here's What You Need to Know About Installing an Alarm System


Sometimes simply having a pet dog can be as effective as the most advanced security systems. But this is not always the case. Dogs can be distracted, they need to sleep, and some dogs are so friendly that they will act as a welcoming committee to anyone who enters your home, regardless of whether it's your best friend or a burglar. If you're considering installing an alarm system when there's a dog in the house, you will need to choose a system that can take your dog's presence into account.

22 March 2017