The Importance of Updating Your Business's Old Security System


Inarguably, a majority of business owners will invest in some security systems to ensure that their commercial premises have adequate safeguards against potential threats. In fact, businesses that deal with products are also highly inclined to install security systems to make sure that their inventory is protected from possible theft or vandalism. However, a general mistake people make when it comes to their commercial property's security is assuming that the system they outfitted decades ago is still relevant in this day and age. Keep in mind that technological advancements in this industry have grown in leaps and bounds. Thus, old security systems can barely hold a candle against the options available currently. If you are deliberating on whether to hire a commercial electrician to update your business's old security system, you should read on for a couple of reasons why it is important to do so.

Updating your security system will eliminate delayed response times

Although most old security systems would have a feature that functions to alert the authorities in the event of a breach, you should take note of their inbuilt response time. In older systems, there is typically a delay from the time the alarm is triggered to the exact time that the monitoring facility is reached. Therefore, there will be a subsequent delay from when the monitoring facility contacts the authorities and they make their way onto your commercial premises.

Newer systems are designed for automatic responses, and some may even be directly connected to the private security personnel! Thus, they are much better suited to ensuring there is an immediate response to your emergency.

Updating your security system minimises false alarms

Another reason why you should purchase a modern security system is to reduce the occurrence of false alarms. Old security systems are quite vulnerable to false alarms, as numerous things can trigger the alarm. From faulty wiring that needs replacement to over-sensitivity of the response buttons, you will be surprised to learn the frequency at which these systems can hail the authorities to your premises for no apparent reason.

The latest security systems are designed to prevent these false alarms by ensuring that they are harder to activate accidentally. Furthermore, since the cabling will also be in top form, it makes it harder for them to trip on their own. Take note that some security firms may charge you a fee for incessant false alarms, so it will also be in the best interests of your business's bottom line to invest in a new system.


6 July 2018

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