Preparing for a Video Conference Call: 3 Things to Consider


Video conferencing is a fantastic tool which can help you to develop your online marketing project and your business. Due to the international nature of the internet and the ability of people to freelance, online marketing often involves working with a large number of different professionals who are located in different parts of the globe. The easiest way to do this is to hold a video conference call.


Many people who are preparing for a video conference call focus on getting the lighting right without thinking about the background. However, while ensuring that the space you will be sat in is properly lit, you also need to focus on what is behind you when you are on the video call. The background is essential as it can determine how easy it is to view you on a screen. If the background behind you is very chaotic, it may be uncomfortable for others when they look at your image on the screen. For example, the wall behind you may be covered in posters which contain many different shapes and colours. While this may look very cool, this type of background can cause others to strain their eyes. Ideally, you should opt for a plain background which is a single colour, as this will make it much easier for the others on the video call to see you.

Internet Speed

Next, you need to think about the speed of your internet connection. While slower speeds are absolutely fine for sending emails and browsing the web, they aren't great for video conferencing calls. Video conferencing software will still try to connect the call even if your internet speed is low. However, if the speed to too low, the image displayed will be pixelated which can seriously affect the quality of your call. Before you host or connect to a video call, you should test your internet speed using a free speed-check website.

Sound Quality

Once you have sorted the background and your internet speed, you should consider the quality of the sound on the call. The audio on a video conference call is just as important as the quality of the image. You should not rely on the in-built microphone on your computer. Instead, you should invest in a mic which is designed for video calls.

If you would like further help and information, you should contact a company which provides video conference call services, such as Johesk Communications Pty Ltd.


26 February 2019

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