4 Reasons to Add Social Sharing Buttons to Your Current Website Design

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As the name implies, social sharing buttons allow visitors to quickly and easily share your content on social media without leaving your website. That can mean sharing anything from sales page to a blog post to the company website in general, and social sharing buttons can be of the most worthwhile additions to website design.

Social sharing buttons don't take very long to add to your site, and they don't cost anything or require any kind of fancy design; however, they can prove hugely beneficial.

Here are just four reasons why your website design will benefit from social sharing buttons.

1. Provides an Easy Way to Interact

First and foremost, adding social sharing buttons makes it very convenient for your visitors to promote your online presence. Even if a visitor loves what you're offering — be it product, service, or knowledge — they're unlikely to take the time to share it manually by going to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform. With social sharing buttons, you remove nearly all of steps that could prevent a share from happening. Instead, all it takes is a click.

2. Acts as Fantastic Social Proof

Social sharing buttons don't just let people share your content. They also show exactly how many social shares a certain page has received. That can be an invaluable way to provide social proof. Just imagine you come across a blog post written on the website of a business in your industry. Wouldn't you be more compelled to read it and trust it as a credible source if social media buttons show that it has racked up 12k in shares?

3. Boosts Your Search Engine Scores

In many ways, search engine results pages are far harder to trick than they used to be, but there are still easy ways to boost your position, and one of them is adding social sharing buttons. When a piece of content is shared, liked, reposted, tweeted, or what have you, it shows search engines that your website is seen as a credible source, and that should help improve your ranking.

4. Shows a Commitment to Social Media

Maybe most of the people who visit your website won't bother with sharing, and maybe the number of shares you accumulate won't impress them. Regardless, social sharing buttons are still hugely advantageous in that they help demonstrate your commitment to social media. The importance of these platforms is undeniable, so any site that isn't taking advantage of such an easy tool might look a little out of the loop.


18 May 2017

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