The simplest way to connect your lift to the phone network

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Are you thinking about installing a lift in your home or non-commercial building? In many cases a lift is a sound investment but what happens when something goes wrong with it? In a non-commercial situation it is unlikely that anyone on the premises is monitoring the lift so what do you do? If you are stuck in the lift you must call for assistance.

How can you call for help?

The lift will be fitted with an emergency call button, but how does that button work? It is designed to use the telephone network to connect you to someone who can help. Making a telephone call should be simple, and in most settings it is. You simply dial the number you want, or access it from your list of contacts and press a few button to be connected. With the emergency button in the lift it is designed to make a call using your existing phone line, but what happens if the PSTN phone line has been decommissioned in the nbn network migration or a similar network area? When that happens an alternative solution is needed to connect the lift to the network.

Choose a wireless communication gateway for your lift

Where no PSTN phone line exists the easiest way to connect the lift to the phone network is to use a wireless communication gateway. A gateway will act as a standalone solution specifically designed to support home lifts and non-commercial buildings. The gateway can connect the lift to any phone network across Australia and allow you to make that all-important call. In addition to allowing you to call out in emergencies, the wireless communication gateway regularly communicates status updates and announces any faults to the system through SMS messaging ensuring that potential problems with the lift are dealt with quickly and conveniently.

Ensure the safe operation of your lift

If you are considering installing a lift in your building, or if you are looking for a new means of connecting your lifts to the phone network following the decommissioning of the PSTN network then a wireless communication gateway is the simplest, most convenient solution to your problem. Why risk using multiple phone providers to make the connection to your lift? The more variables you introduce into the situation the more potential there is for something to go wrong. A single standalone wireless communication gateway can get the job done. Talk to your supplier today, they will be able to suggest the most suitable gateway model for your situation.


20 February 2018

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