4 Reasons CCTV Systems Are Necessary Even If You Have Other Security Arrangements


Did you know that CCTV systems can be used for multiple reasons? Here are some of the examples why you CCTV systems are a critical addition to your present security systems.


The advantage of surveillance cameras is that they allow you or your security team to monitor everything that is going on in the areas where security cameras are installed. Whether you want to keep a tab on the activities that go on in your home or you want to monitor the performance of your staff at work, CCTV systems allow you to do just that. With a central screen where all the collected data are transmitted and shown, you are able to spot mistakes, reward efforts and make changes where need be.


Customers and clients tend to feel safer when they are in facilities which have security cameras. It gives them some sort of assurance that everything is fine, and in case it isn't, proper action will be taken. On the opposite end, the presence of CCTV systems makes potential perpetrators uncomfortable. Through the monitoring screens, you can easily pick such individuals out before they can cause any harm or damage.


Many criminals have been caught and charged for their crimes, thanks to security cameras. The footage recorded by these CCTV systems are stored in disks or tapes which can always be retrieved if need arises. You can also use this footage to confirm any allegations made in your workplace. For example, if one employee accuses another of mishandling the company's products or money, you can easily use recorded footage to confirm the story.

Record Keeping

This is slightly different from recording evidence. CCTV systems help in record keeping within your business. If you run a large company such as a factory or a supermarket, the surveillance cameras can be very useful in keeping records of numbers.

Perhaps you want to keep a daily record of your employees' attendance, or you want to get the average count of the number of clients you get in a month. Counting them throughout the day can be cumbersome. The person counting may make an error or even lose count.

However, through CCTV systems, you can easily get the numbers through face recognition. You do not have to do manual counting because the system, which is connected to computers, can easily generate the numbers for you, making this task fast and efficient for you.


6 July 2018

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