An Introduction to Onsite Mac Software Installation

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An onsite Mac software installation is typically used by a company to have the latest versions and security patches applied to their computers faster. This article will explain everything you need to know about onsite Mac software updates.

Apple Remote Desktop Application

An IT administrator can choose which applications they want to be installed on each computer, by installing them with the Apple Remote Desktop application (a program that's installed together with macOS). These programs can include things such as Adobe Creative Cloud. There are two ways to install these applications through Remote Desktop; one is the traditional way, which would be to find the app on their computer and then run it from there. The second method is called "Deployment". Deployment allows the IT administrator to "build" a computer that has certain programs pre-installed on it, in a folder. This folder can then be copied over to any Mac that they want and then simply running it, which would be similar to just moving a folder onto your desktop and double-clicking on it.

Viruses and Malware

One benefit of doing an onsite Mac software installation is that it can be used to fix a computer's operating system when it becomes corrupted. Many times, this happens when a user gets a virus, which causes the system to function incorrectly. An IT administrator will often perform a clean installation to fix this issue because otherwise, it would require much more time and effort to get the computer back up and running again. The clean installation would be performed by erasing all information on the hard drive of the computer and then reinstall OS X onto it from scratch. Doing so will remove any viruses that may have been present on the computer's hard drive previously.

OS X Updates

Last but not least, the onsite Mac software installation is great because it can be used to upgrade one's computer to have the latest OS X version available. This is extremely useful for older computers that are experiencing problems with their current operating system. Often, a user will want to update their system for various reasons such as a need for improved security on their computer or simply because they want to have new features on their operating system.

If you want to find out more about onsite Mac software installation, you should make contact with an IT service in your area today.


18 May 2021

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