Two tips for easily-spooked people who want to have their fortune told by a tarot reader


If you are very interested in tarot but are an easily-spooked person (for example, if you get nervous when alone in your home late at night and find it hard to watch horror films), then you might be a little apprehensive about talking to a tarot reader who has psychic abilities. If this is the case, here are some tips that should enable you to have your fortune told without getting unnecessarily frightened.

Find a tarot reader that provides their services via the phone

In this situation, it would be worth finding a tarot reader that offers their services via the phone. The reason for this is as follows; a lot of people who provide in-person tarot readings choose to make the premises on which they perform their readings a little "other-worldly;" they might, for example, make the room dimly-lit, using just candles to illuminate it, and decorate the space with mystical objects, such as crystals and rune stones. This isn't something that they do to scare their clients, but rather to set a slightly mysterious atmosphere that gives these people a thrill and makes the process of getting their fortune told that bit more exciting.

However, if you're easily frightened, you might find the combination of this other-worldly room and the tarot reader's startling ability to discern things about your life too much to cope with, and you might, as a result of this, want to leave before your appointment is finished.

Conversely, if you opt for a psychic who provides phone services, there be less chance of you getting so nervous that you decide to end the reading prematurely, as you won't have to contend with having this experience in a slightly-spooky room.

Arrange for the phone call to occur in an area, and at a time of day, that you do not find eerie

It's also sensible to arrange for this phone call to occur at a place and a time that is unlikely to make you feel jittery. For example, you are very likely to get a chill down your spine when the tarot reader reveals something specific about your life if you have this conversation at dusk in an unsettling or poorly-lit area.

Conversely, having this conversation in the middle of the day, whilst relaxing in a pretty and fairly busy public garden, will probably result in you feeling intrigued and exhilarated by the tarot reader's psychic skills, rather than frightened. This, in turn, will not only ensure that you feel positive and uplifted as a result of calling this professional but will also mean that your unwarranted nerves won't result in you not paying attention to the potentially-important information this person gives you.

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30 July 2019

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