Commercial Colour Photocopiers: How to Choose the Crucial Features and Functionalities

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If you are planning on purchasing a new photocopier for your business, you should consider choosing colour equipment. This type of copier is more versatile because it allows production of documents such as poster and catalogs which cannot be produced using a black and white machine. Consequently, you will reduce the long-term costs attached to outsourcing critical printing and copying work. There are numerous colour photocopiers in the market, so choosing the right match for your business can be challenging. Here are the most important copier features and functionalities to consider for the best results.

Copier Volume and Speed

You should check the number of pages that the available colour photocopiers can produce per minute. This factor will determine the efficiency of the machine for the workload in your company. For ideal results, you should evaluate the number of printed documents that will be required per session. It is important to note that the cost of the equipment increases in direct proportion to the speed; therefore, you should not purchase an unnecessarily fast machine because it will translate into losses. You should also check the paper volume that the copier can handle at any point. High volume copiers are useful because they will minimize the frequency of reloading and the subsequent downtime. 


The modern office environment relies considerably on the connectivity of devices for optimal efficiency. The documents which will be handled by the equipment are likely to come from different devices. Therefore, for the best performance, you should consider choosing a copier that can provide internet connectivity. The feature will eliminate the need to prepare documents from any device quickly. This property is useful during presentations when hard-copy charts and graphs are required for the attendees. You should also think about purchasing a document which incorporates faxing capabilities if the functionality is necessary for your business operations. 

Machine Configuration

The configuration of your new photocopier can influence its placement in the commercial space. Therefore, you should make sure that your choice will merge well into the office. Photocopiers are categorized into two classes: desktop and standalone. The desktop products are designed for placement on counters or desks. They are suitable for small spaces and can have high copying speed. However, their small size limits their paper and ink cartridge volume. Frequent refills will be required for optimal productivity. On the other hand, standalone copiers are convenient because they can handle high paper and ink volume. However, you should note that the cost of purchase will be higher.


21 April 2017

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