Got a Dog? Here's What You Need to Know About Installing an Alarm System


Sometimes simply having a pet dog can be as effective as the most advanced security systems. But this is not always the case. Dogs can be distracted, they need to sleep, and some dogs are so friendly that they will act as a welcoming committee to anyone who enters your home, regardless of whether it's your best friend or a burglar. If you're considering installing an alarm system when there's a dog in the house, you will need to choose a system that can take your dog's presence into account. A basic system can easily be triggered by your dog wandering around inside your house, so you need to look for an alarm that has at least one of these key features.


It's as simple as the selective positioning of the system's internal sensors. The motion sensors in your home can be configured so that they only sense movement above a certain height. This means that your pooch can wander freely in your home while remaining under the trigger area for the alarm system. The actual necessary height configuration will depend on your dog, and of course a chihuahua will require less of a blind zone than a great dane. This blind zone could theoretically be exploited by intruders, but this is so unlikely as to be practically impossible. It's not as though a potential intruder would know to break into your home and then crawl around on their hands and knees. Just to be on the safe side, it's best not to tell anyone the precise height configuration of your alarm's sensors.

Infrared Heat

Some more advanced alarm systems can also take your dog's infrared heat signature into account. This can occur regardless of any height configuration that might have been decided upon. Advanced systems can read the infrared light emitting from a moving object and can determine whether or not the object is human or animal. It's extremely difficult to trick this aspect of a security system since a human's infrared heat signature is different to that of a dog.


An alarm system might also have sensors that can determine the mass of a moving object within its monitored zone. This is perhaps not appropriate with extremely large dogs, as the system might not be able to clearly identify a dog that could weigh as much as a human. But when it comes to smaller dogs, this is an ideal feature.

A home security system can easily accommodate your dog, but it's really important to realise that not just any system will do.


22 March 2017

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