The Three Pairs of Headphones Everyone Should Own


It's easy to get caught up in the search for the 'perfect' pair of headphones, but you're unlikely to find a set that can do everything you want them to. It often makes more sense to invest in three pairs of headphones, each designed with a specific purpose in mind, rather than splashing out on a single pair that aren't quite right. There are three main situations most of us use headphones in: sports/running, gaming and listening to music. Here are some tips on finding the best pair of headphones for each category. Get ready for a whole new listening experience, free from inconvenience and frustration.

Sports headphones

Music can provide great motivation for exercise, whether you're running, working out at the gym or doing a home fitness program. The ability to listen through headphones is essential for many guided running apps, and you don't want the pair that you choose to be falling out every five minutes. This is where sports headphones come in. They're available in a variety of styles, at prices to suit almost every budget. Earphones with a neckband or over-ear support should stay securely in place regardless of what you're doing. Wireless options are great if you don't want to get tangled in wires while you work out — but be mindful of battery life. Choose a waterproof variety along with a waterproof MP3 player if you fancy swimming to your favourite tunes.

Gaming headphones

The right pair of headphones can make a huge difference to your gaming experience. If you like to play multiplayer games, choose a set with a good built-in mic to ensure that your teammates can hear you clearly. If you enjoy indie games, go for superior sound quality to enjoy the beautiful soundtracks that may otherwise sound dull and washed out. Wireless gaming headphones are a must if you like to move around while you play or if you play on a variety of different consoles.

High-quality music headphones

Let's not forget the main reason you use headphones: to enjoy music! Your choice of dedicated music headphone will be decided by your usual listening habits. If you tend to enjoy music while you're at home, a large set of overhead headphones is the best option for superior sound quality. If most of your listening takes place on the move, then a pair of high-quality earbuds is a more practical option. Choose noise-cancelling varieties if you're often in loud places — during your commute, for example.

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21 March 2017

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