Essential Tips for Prolonging the Lifespan of Your Whiteboard

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The whiteboard is an advantageous tool for your daily business operation. Basically, this feature provides a reusable template on which ideas, schedules and discussions can be written down. In addition, the whiteboard provides a surface which can be used to project electronic data during business presentations. In general, this type of tool is designed for long-term usage after the initial purchase. However, the projected service life can vary significantly, depending on your habits of use and maintenance practices. Here are some important tips to help you prolong the lifespan of your whiteboard.

Choose the Right Markers

The accelerated degradation of whiteboards can often be attributed to poor writing utensils, In simple terms, choosing the wrong markers will result in the staining of the white surface, necessitating premature replacement. Ideally, you should purchase the writing tools recommended by the board manufacturer. You can also look for similar high performance items for your applications. The most ideal type of marker is a dry erase marker because it does not cause surface staining. You should avoid using permanent markers or pens on the whiteboard. Additionally, replace your markers when they start to run out of ink. Whiteboards are vulnerable to scratches when exposed to the abrasive felt tips of old markers.

Clean the Surface with Care

Proper cleaning practices will prevent eventual accumulation of markings which compromise the appearance of the whiteboard. You should acquire an eraser designed for handling the glossy surface of the whiteboard. Normal chalkboard erasers and paper towels will scratch the surface. If this type of suitable eraser is not accessible, use a microfiber cloth for the task. When writing on the board, it is tempting to erase the surface immediately after marking a mistake. Unfortunately, this will cause the still wet ink to spread. Therefore, you should always wait for the surface to dry before wiping. Additionally, you should remember that if you leave writing on the whiteboard for too long, it will settle, causing gradual staining.

Clean and Replace the Eraser

The eraser will accumulate the marker pen ink over time. This will make the felt surface ineffective in keeping the whiteboard surface completely clean. Ideally, you should replace this tool frequently for the best results. However, if there are cost limitations, you can clean the eraser without damaging the felt. If the felt is not very dirty, you should use a soft brush to eliminate the particles. For deeper cleaning, use mild detergent to scrub the eraser; rinse thoroughly and dry to restore its effectiveness. 


16 February 2017

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